Artist Statement

When I was 12 years old my mom was shot three times leaving her in critical condition and my sister and I in psychological dismay. While my mom made a full recovery, it took me years and lots of trial and error to figure out just how to recover myself. Before I discovered art, the concept of flow and the healing power of salt, I struggled with chronic nightmares. I tried talk therapy, church and a few other things that just didn’t do the trick. Then, I discovered the healing of art making. For me, art making is a spiritual practice. It is my church; It is my way of connecting with the infinite and it is my way knowing that everything will be more than just ‘alright’. It is a practice of reminding myself that my potential is limitless and, at the end of the day, the universe really does have my back.


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  1. zirah1 says:

    Thanks for the like at Self-help Health. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps lead me to what they’re up to, like this interesting blog of yours. I really liked what you said in this post, especially at the very end.

    Best wishes on all your endeavors….and at “arriving at the universal through the particular.” Great mind-set to have.

    1. Carlee Myers says:

      You’re quite welcome. I look forward to reading your future posts and hope you’ll do the same.

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